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Mind of Gold 2023

The AlgoSTEM Mind of Gold Tournament is an international tournament designed to immerse and expose students from under-resourced schools into the world of higher-level competition math. The tournament consists of a 12-question test to be solved in 25 minutes. In each school, the top 3 overall and top 2 girls will receive prizes.

The competition was held on

April 4th, 2023.

Mind of Gold Tournament Problems Set 2023

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Mind of Gold Tournament Solutions Set 2023

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Individual Competitor Prizes

1st Prize: $100 + Jane Street Shirt

2nd Prize: $25 + Jane Street Shirt

3rd Prize: $15 + Jane Street Shirt

4th Prize: Jane Street Shirt

5th Prize: Jane Street Shirt

Women's 1st Prize: $25

Women's 2nd Prize: $25

Women's 3rd Prize: AoPS Coupon

Women's 4th Prize: AoPS Coupon

Women's 5th Prize: AoPS Coupon

*Wolfram Tech will be given to all award winners

School Competitor Prizes (Per School)

1st Prize: Wolfram Tech + Jane Street Shirt

2nd Prize: $25 Gift Card + Jane Street Shirt

3rd Prize: $15 Gift Card + Jane Street Shirt

Women's 1st Prize: IPad, Wolfram Tech, or Gift Card

Women's 2nd Prize: IPad, Wolfram Tech, or Gift Card

*All competitors will be entered into a raffle to win an IPad, Jane Street Shirt, Wolfram Tech, or AoPS Coupon